Heavy Equipment Trainer

AB, Canada
Full-Time | Competitive
Posted On Nov 4 2020 Dec 4 2020

Position Scope

Site: Kearl


Shift: 10 days on 10 days off - 12 hour days


Accommodations: Camp Provided


Travel: Flights to and from Calgary or Edmonton



Ensure working Trainers (coaches) are delivering Operations training as per NACG standards.

Ensure all applicable personnel on the assigned site, complete the applicable theory modules in the NACG Operations training programs, at the appropriate time.

Ensure operators do not violate the perameters of VIMS.

Deliver the NACG Operator training program to all applicable personnel on the assigned site.

Train, utilize, and support the working trainers (coaches) for the delivery of the NACG training programs to NACG standards.

Conduct applicable Evaluations as required.

Update crew designations weekly where applicable.

Submit weekly reports on-time and complete, as requested.

Utilize the LMS for theory delivery, record keeping, and training reports.

Meet the training requirements of the site Superintendent, who is the client.

Follow-up with operators ASAP on unwanted VIMS reports.

Coordinate, deliver and record keep for the mine drive training on applicable sites.


  • Min. 10 years directly related experience with construction & Mining equipment including operating, supervising and training.
  • Experience with training adults.
  • Experience with program development.
  • Experience with computer software.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Good public speaking skills
  • Proficient on a minimum of two pieces of mining equipment.


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