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AB, Canada
Full-Time | Competitive
Posted On May 17 2020 Jun 16 2020
What Are You Looking For? If you’re interested in a fast paced environment with constantly changing work and an emphasis on personal development, UCC is the best fit. Everyone in our organization climbed through from the ground floor, building the future they wanted with a company that not only supports but encourages personal growth. We invest in the education, training and evolution of our employees, giving them the tools to create the level of success they desire. We are very competitive with our wages and benefits. What Are We Looking For? As an organization committed to building customer relationships, innovative projects and transparent development, we need like-minded people to support our vision. These people need to be motivated to do the best job and work on behalf of the customer, providing the highest quality and accountability to expectations. The culture we’ve made has built the perfect staging grounds for career advancement and workplace satisfaction. Role & Responsibilities Must possess knowledge of commercial, and/or light industrial construction, including: procedures, processes, tools and equipment, Understands local building codes, safety standards and other regulatory requirements. Keeps work area neat and orderly; ensures that premises are cleaned and debris is appropriately disposed at the end of the work shift. Provides assistance in order to meet daily, weekly, project, or team related production goals. Understands and observes all safety procedures and practices in order to prevent injury to self or co-workers; attends periodic safety meetings as required; may recommend changes to improve safety procedures. Other duties may be assigned. Qualifications and Requirements Direct work experience working in commercial and/or light industrial construction. Skills and Competencies A self-starter who takes a proactive approach. Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks, adhering to strict deadlines and commitments.

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